HDO: Book 1

Hell’s Door Opens: Book 1

“Unarmed the Prince wheeled to face his other foe as it came at him with ape-like arms spread wide.  Unable to brace himself before the fiend’s impact Calgus was borne backwards, carried to the cobblestones with a jarring thud, and only by chance succeeded in jamming his forearm into the creature’s jaws, preventing its sharp fangs from tearing into his throat.”

Hell’s Door Opens is a dark fantasy, a bloody and thought-provoking tale aimed at an adult market. Combining elements of horror with fantasy, the story appeals to the existing sword and sorcery audience and attracts lovers of the macabre too.

The action takes place in and around the city of Sept, a metropolis under supernatural attack. Madness has overcome the population. Cannibalism, torture, and depravity threaten to destroy everything the leading characters hold dear.

Prince Calgus must find a way to save the city before the nomads of the desert attack. In the company of the seeress Jessela, the killer Sevenet, and the courtesan come assassin Semara, Calgus seeks to save Sept from the orgy of evil consuming its citizens.

This is a story of violent battle, torture, lust and love. The female characters develop as the story progresses, initially viewed from the perspective of the male characters as prizes to be won or lost they increasingly take centre stage as the potential saviours of the city.

Hell’s Door Opens features a siege, pitched battle, man-to-man combat against human and demonic entities, the formation and breaking of friendships, and the personal development of each character as they react to the events unfolding around them.

The characters develop spiritually, morally and sexually. There is an undercurrent of speculation on the problem of evil, the purpose of suffering and the relationship between man and God.

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