Geek & Sundry, Radio Rivendell, and News on the Paperback Release

We were very pleased when the Geek & Sundry team featured Hell’s Door Opens on their Facebook page. Geek & Sundry are the clever gang behind such online sensations as The Guild, Sword and Laser, Table Top and The Flog.

In other news, the Radio Rivendell competition ended. Three copies of Hell’s Door Opens were sent out to the winners.

We have had two proof copies of the paperback version of Hell’s Door Opens. The first did not look right. The cover image appeared dull and the interior text required reformatting. The second proof copy was much better. The new formatting made the text easy to read, and the cover image is vibrant. Sadly, the spine is not quite right. The cover image wraps onto the spine. The overlap is only minor, but we want to get everything perfect before releasing the book in hardcopy.

We should have the problem solved shortly. Once we do, the paperback will be available from Amazon and elsewhere. The book will be available to order through most bookshops.

We had better get moving or we will miss the opportunity to pick up Christmas sales!




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