Gygax Memorial Fund

I was lucky enough to work with the late Gary Gygax.

Gary was a real inspiration and a great friend. He was a powerhouse of creative ideas and a role model to any aspiring writer. Gary worked exceptionally hard every day. He put in long hours and routinely put me to shame with his amazing output.

Working with Gary was a dream come true.  I’m glad to have an opportunity to raise money for the Gygax Memorial Fund.

10 cents will be donated to the fund for each copy of Hell’s Door Opens Book 1 sold.

Gary deserves a memorial. I believe that as the years pass his impact on popular culture, the world of games, books and films, will become clearer. His creative vision touched the lives of countless people and inspired gamers, artists, designers, actors, directors, and writers.

So here’s to Gary Gygax and all the joy he brought to the world!

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  1. John Zarate-Khus
    Jul 27, 2012

    You are not alone in your estimation of Gary Gygax’s contribution to lives of millions of gamers – which, in turn, touches hundreds of millions of lives across the globe.

    Thank you for supporting the Fund and helping to make the final wishes of this inspirational man a reality.

    • Matt Wilson
      Jul 28, 2012

      I wish more people would take a figurative leaf out of your book, contributing like this even when your not a hugely famous author selling thousands of book is extremely generous and humbling, I take my hat off to you..

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