Book Baby?

Book Baby?

Have you heard of Book Baby? For$99 they offer to make an eBook available for Apple’s iBookstore, Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble NOOK and the Sony Reader.

You can check out their website here.

In addition to eBook distribution they offer a conversion and cover design service. A 30 day free trial of a web hosting service is available for authors without a website.

But how useful is all of this? An author can create accounts with Apple, Amazon, Barnes & Noble etc. and have an eBook available without parting with any money. Perhaps the real advantage lies in just having to submit your manuscript once in electronic format. Book baby will then provide distribution of an eBook to all their digital partners. In addition to the initial $99 payment there is an annual fee of $19. The service includes basic formatting check, conversion to ePub format, interactive table of contents, sales reporting, and automatic payments.

It is likley that we will open an account with Book Baby. We will report back to the community on our experiences with the company.

Buy the eBook edition of Hell’s Door Opens at or

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