Hell’s Door Opens: Book I

Hell’s Door Opens is a dark story of heroic sword and sorcery action. A bloody  and thought-provoking tale combining elements of horror with fantasy, the story  appeals to the existing sword and sorcery audience and attracts lovers of the  macabre too. The action takes place in and around the city of Sept, a metropolis under  supernatural attack. Madness overcomes the population when cannibalism, torture and depravity are conjured up from the depths of hell.

In this fast-paced story of violent battle, torture, lust and love, Prince Calgus must find a way to save the city before the nomads of the desert  attack. With the seeress Jessela, the killer Sevenet, and the  courtesan come assassin Semara, Calgus seeks to save Sept from the orgy of evil  consuming its citizens.

A terrifying vision of hell-spawned chaos is met by but a few good men that  stand between ultimate evil and redemption in this roller-coaster action thrill ride. Not for the faint of heart, this story will grab you by the throat, releasing its grip only after you have conquered its battle-weary pages.

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