You and Yours?

I am told that BBC Radio 4 show, You and Yours, recently featured an interesting item about self-publishing.

The main interviewee was an established thriller writer with several paperbacks to his credit.

He decided to try Kindle and has done very well. One thing he stressed was that you have to have your own website, your own blog and make maximum use of Facebook. He reckons he now spends half of his working life writing stories and the other half promoting them on the web.

He has a theory that his Kindle clientele are a different market from conventional book buyers. He aims for a max of 40,000 words for his Kindle stories – a “novella”, he says. He also says you need to shorten your sentences and your paragraphs: Kindlers are a market in a hurry.

He produced some sales figures which very much impressed a conventional paperback publisher who listened to the interview. The publisher reserved judgment on the “novella” theory but said it sounded interesting.

Did anyone hear the show? If so, what are your thoughts?

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