Reviews and Publicity

Okay, so Hell’s Door Opens has been released. At Amazon, the iBook store, Barnes & Noble,the Reader Store and elsewhere, its evil villains and hard pressed heroes are ready to tell their tale… but how many people know about them? There are many potential readers but how to let them know the book exists?

Hell’s Door Opens has generated a number of reviews. We’re glad to see them. On FaceBook its page has gained a number of “likes” – but how should we turn that goodwill into widespread knowledge of the book’s availability?

Talking of reviews, here are a few links for those who might want to read them:

A Wonderful Other World

Creative, Immersing and Compelling

Engaging Start

At the present time we are relying on readers of the book, visitors to this webpage, and those who download the sample chapters, to spread the word.  We believe that personal recommendations are worth more than adverts. Let’s see if we are right!

Buy the eBook edition of Hell’s Door Opens at ,, Barnes & Noble, or the Reader Store


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