Recent praise

Chris Clark, Fantasy Author and owner of Inner City Game Designs recently read Hell’s Door Opens. Here’s what he had to say:

“A terrifying vision of hell-spawned chaos is met by but a few good men that stand betwen ultimate evil and redemption in this roller-coaster action thrill ride. Not for the faint of heart, this story will grab you by the throat, releasing its grip only after you have conquered its battle-weary pages.”

Gail Gygax, widow of the late Gary Gygax, commented:

“Gary had the pleasure of working with Jon Creffield. He found the experience most enjoyable and spent many hours with Jon discussing ideas and subjects to further their creativity.”

Matthew Sprange of Mongoose Publishing noted:

“Jon Creffield paints epic stories in thought provoking and approachable ways. Having enjoyed the adventure material Jon wrote for Mongoose Publishing I am excited about this book’s release.”

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