Hell’s Door Opens is now available!

1. Where can I buy the eBook?

Hell’s Door Opens is available at Amazon, the iBookstore, the Reader Store, WHSmiths, Barnes & Noble,  Baker & Taylor, Copia, Gardner’s and many more online retailers:

Buy the eBook edition of Hell’s Door Opens at Amazon.co.uk ,
Amazon.comBarnes & Noble, or the Reader Store

You can also buy the ebook directly from our site by clicking this button:   You will receive the ebook in PDFePub and Mobi (Kindle) format.

2. Is a print version planned?

Yes! In time Hell’s Door Opens will be available in hardcopy. We are looking at all the print options. Keep an eye on the website for news. In the meantime please check out the eBook version.

3. Have you thought of doing an audio book version?

Yes, we are looking into this and we will keep readers informed as the project progresses.

4. What is the Gygax Memorial Fund?

Details of the charity raising money to build a memorial for the late Gary Gygax can be found at www.gygaxmemorialfund.com.

Gary was a real inspiration, a powerhouse of creative ideas and a role model to any aspiring writer. Gary worked exceptionally hard every day, putting in long hours and creating amazing material.

We are glad to have an opportunity to raise money for the Gygax Memorial Fund.

10 cents will be donated to the fund for each copy of Hell’s Door Opens Book 1 sold.

Gary deserves a memorial. We believe that as the years pass his impact on popular culture, the world of games, books and films, will become clearer. His creative vision touched the lives of countless people and inspired gamers, artists, designers, actors, directors, and writers.

5.  Are sample chapters available?

Yes! You can sign up for a free sample using the form to the right and we will email them to you.

Alternatively, free chapters of the book are available from all its online eBook stockists.

6. Do you have a FaceBook page?

Yes! Join us on FaceBook and ‘like’ our page for updates and news.
Hell’s door opens

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