Your thoughts on Steam Powered eBooks

When is a book not a book? When it is an eBook perhaps? I recently wrote a guest blog over at called Steam Powered eBooks. The purpose of that article is to discover reader preferences where it comes to eBook length.

This is not an idle query. I am considering breaking the sequels to Hell’s Door Opens into shorter length novellas. Each novella would stand on its own in the sense that it had a recognisable beginning and end.

Unlike a traditional novella the books would be divided into chapters as is Hell’s Door Opens.

The reasons for considering this option are outlined in the article at Flames Rising. I’ve read that eBook readers prefer shorter works of fiction.

Is this true? I would really like to hear your opinion.
So, please leave comments below or over at Flames Rising.

When reading an eBook would you prefer standard novel length books, electronically weighty ones of many pages in length, shorter novella length works or some other option?

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